Kitty & Pierce was born out of our daughter's need for balance from her all over eczema that she developed when she was 1. We spent 2 years of having to apply prescription steroid creams which wasn't our first option but it worked, however, we could only use for 2 weeks at a time. In the interim,until we could use the steroid cream again, we were referred to unsuccessful over the counter lotions to treat her irritating and painful eczema.  The chemicals in these creams turned her discomfort to pain, and often tears. To create balance and replace her need for prescription creams, we spent two years developing a natural skincare solution which continues to provide relief to our daughter, our friends, and now you. To add to the relief of our daughter's painful eczema we developed our all natural magnesium Bath Salts. 

After successfully developing our Essential Cream and Bath Salts for our daughter we turned to developing a daily lotion that was sulfate and paraben free that actually moisturized and lasted all day!! We were tired of only having the option with lotions that felt like water and didn't moisturize effectively along with having additional chemicals that were not needed. The end result of our Goats Milk & Honey daily lotion was a success!! It moisturizes all day and leaves your skin feeling like satin. To round out our collection we developed a luxurious Hand and Body Wash. 

We hope our story of finding balance will become part of your personal story of relief and healing- as our line of products is designed to give your skin a healthy balance year round. 


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